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Miles' Reports (to the Members of Parliament, most recent also available at Axis of Logic. ):

Miles Report No.75 Canada CETA 2016-11-01
Miles Report No.74 Canada goes to war - UN war crimes 2016-10-17
Miles Report No.73 Canada goes to war - peacekeeping 2016-10-13
Miles Report No.72 Trudeau and Ukraine 2016-07-13
Miles Report No.71 NATO stooge Jens stoltenberg 2016-06-19
Miles Report No.70 First term thoughts 2016-06-13
Miles Report No.69 Browder, Barton and Russia 2016-02-24
Miles Report No.68 Israel, Turks, et al (BDS) 2016-02-22
Miles Report No.67 Chrystia Freeland-Russia
Miles Report No.66 Middle East Nexus 2016-01-22
Miles Report No.65 Monument to Capitalism
Miles Report No.64 Change or rhetoric 2015-12-07
Miles Report No.63 Russia - nyet 2015-11-21
Miles Report No.62 Bienvenue 2015-11-14
Miles Report No.61 Duffy, AIIB, Khadr et al 2015-05-17
Miles Report No.60 Not playing hockey with Russia 2015-04-16
Miles Report No.59 Open letter to Peter Mansbridge, CBC 2015-03-24
Miles Report No.58 Niqab or not - Harper's wider agenda 2015-03-16
Miles Report No.57 CBC and Russia; Harper channels Bush 2015-02-06
Miles Report No.56 Canada leaps into the empire of chaos 2015-01-30
Miles Report No.55 Alexander Darchiev 2014-12-25
Miles Report No.54 Solomon and Baird 2014-12-21
Miles Report No.53 Mansbridge and Harper 2014-12-20
Miles Report No.52 Fear and war 2014-12-11
Miles Report No.51 Harper disses US$ 2014-11-15
Miles Report No.50 Golden Yuan 2014-10-21
Miles Report No.49 Empire of Terror 2014-10-08
Miles Report No.48 Mostly Harper - Trade and women 2014-09-26
Miles Report No.47 Gaza, ISIS, and Ukraine 2014-08-30
Miles Report No.46 John baird on Israel and Ukraine 2014-07-21
Miles Report No.45 Tsilhqot’in First Nations land title
Miles Report No.44 Financial wars
Miles Report No.43 Stephen Harper 2014-05-04
Miles Report No.42 Open letter to Janice Stein U. of Toronto 2014-04-21
Miles Report No.41 Harper rants against Russia 2014-04-14
Miles Report No.40 Poilievre/Anders/Adams - Ukraine - IPCC
Miles Report No.39 Evan Solomon and the Power Panel
Miles Report No.38 Ukraine
Miles Report No.37 Honour, the Aga Khan, and the Ukraine (and the CBC)
Miles Report No.36 Baird rewrites history
Miles Report No.35 Harper speaks in the Knesset 2014-01-22
Miles Report No.34 5th Estate, Calandra, Israel, and Harper
Miles Report No.33 Anders, Horowitz, Mandela, and Mayes
Miles Report No.32 Trudeau, Kalandra, Baird and Iran
Miles Report No.31 What does the fox say?
Miles Report No.30 La moralite, l'ethique, et la democratie (French)
Miles Report No. 29 Harperland
Miles Report No. 28 An afternoon with Evan Solomon
Miles Report No. 27 VIA Canada (French)
Miles Report No. 26 Canada flies the U.S. flag
Miles Report No. 25 Accountability to hide lack of transparency
Miles Report No. 24 Controlling the message
Miles Report No. 23 - Appendix Colin Mayes and climate change
Miles Report No. 23 Colin Mayes on freedom, accountability, and democracy
Miles Report No. 22 Jason Kenney and Hugo Chavez
Miles Report No. 21 Curiosities
Miles Report No. 20 Governor General lacks common sense
Miles Report No. 19 Mostly Questions
Miles Report No. 18 Congratulations Palestine - Apologies from Canada
Miles Report No. 17 Peter Mackay's "atrocities across the Middle East."
Miles Report No. 16 Baird at the UN
Miles Report No. 15 Canada and Iran
Miles Report No. 14 TPP and Global Warming
Miles Report No. 13 Dying Empire book review
Miles Report No. 12 Two thousand words
Miles Report No. 11 Double standards
Miles Report No. 10 Kellie Leitch "long term interests"
Miles Report No. 09 - Annex Pierre Poilievre on free markets
Miles Report No. 07
Miles Report No. 06 Crown - First Nations

Current published articles :

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Review - Obstacle to Peace - Hammond 2016-08-08
Review - Bacevich - America's War in the GME 2016 06 07
Review - Age of Fools - William Cook 2016 05 02
Review - Ally - Michael Oren 2016 04 16
Review - Roadmap to Apartheid 2016 04 14
Commentary - Militarized refugees 2016-03-13
Review - Truman and Zionism 2015 11 23
Review - Canada in Africa 2015-11-20
Commentary - Roots of Terror 2015-11-17
Review - Japan Restored 2015-10-09
Commentary - Netanyahu and Harper muzzled 2015-10-08
Commentary - Multi-Polar World 2015-05-15
Review - The Brothers Dulles 2015-05-15
Review - The Incubus of Intervention 2015-05-15
Review - The Dispensable Nation 2015-03-11
Review - The Rise of the Islamic State 2015-02-08
Review - Pay Any Price 2015-01-23
Breedlove and NATO's long war 2014-12-15
Eurojihad 2014-12-06
Canada's bizarre foreign policy 2014-11-17
Party of One - Stephen Harper 2014-11-10
John Pilger's "Utopia" 2014-10-27
Canada's Heart of Darkness 2014-10-26
The Hidden Hand - Brief....CIA 2014-10-17
Canada and Israel - Partners in Apartheid 2014-10-09
Canada in the Great Power Game 2014-08-22
Israeli war crimes in gaza 2014-08-14
Security Council and Human Rights 2014-08-04
Crimes, Victims, and Witnesses 2014-08-01
Keeping Peace.... 2014-05-02
The Idea of Israel 2014-04-22
US$ Debauched? Debased? Or both? 2014-04-09
The new New World Order 2014-03-30
Not in the name of Canada - Harper speaks in the Knesset 2014-01-22
Why Israel 2014-01-10
Goliath - Life and Loathing in Greater Israel 2013-11-25
Review - Generation Palestine 2013-10-12
Canada flies U.S. flag for Syria 2013-08-27

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