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Miles Report No. 40

Miles Report No. 40 - Pierre/Anders/Adams, Ukraine, and Climate

I sure wish I could stop writing these reports, but the arrogant ignorance of power in politics is too overwhelming to remain silent. This past short while there has been plenty of both exposed.

First up

I have to congratulate Pierre Poilievre in that he is no longer - at least as much as I am aware - quoting Winston Churchill, a fall-back for people who cannot think for themselves. On the other hand he still shows many signs of not thinking, perhaps using intelligence but certainly not wisdom.

As [Orwellian] Minister of State for Democratic Reform he exposes the dictatorial side of his conservative nature with the [Un]Fair Election Act. I must agree with some pundits that the issue of vouchers is a red herring argument that sidetracks from the real discussion about the power of the Chief Electoral Officer. In a truly democratic society, the CEO would have the power as required to subpoena, investigate, and refer charges to the RCMP if necessary for voter fraud. They CEO should also, if one truly wants democracy, be able to advertise about citizens voting rights and be able to provide information for free at any request for this information. Political parties should not be in charge of appointing polling officers in constituencies. On the other hand, in a democratic society, vouching should be a form of identifying oneself.

What is worse in the recognition of dictatorial tendencies is M. Poilievre’s personalized attacks on the current CEO Mark Myrand and on former Auditor General Sheila Fraser whose record is impeccable. It should be noted that what goes around comes around, and our Dear Wanna-be Leader with his Kim Jong Un haircut will hopefully be able to toughen his thick non-democratic skin some more as he continues with his ignorance and arrogance.

Last comment - for now - on M. Poilievre. This is much more a comment on all Conservatives, but is exemplified by M. Poilievre and his ability to keep a straight face while maintaining a stonewall around his Conservative talking points. Well done! Except that it contradicts my earlier notion that perhaps you are doing some thinking for yourself as you are so adept at reiterating these talking points endlessly (at least as I have witnessed on CPAC and Power and Politics) without actually answering the questions that are presented.

Now for some good news

I was pleased to hear that Rob Anders was defeated by Ron Liepert in his home riding. This should be the end result for his ignorance and arrogance as well (although others wish even worse upon him). And congratulations for Mr. Liepert for openly criticizing Jason Kenney for meddling in the affairs of his constituency. Perhaps there are some democratic stirrings in the Conservative party yet, although the also recent case involving Eve Adams would counteract those stirrings.

Sorry, that’s it for good news.


Back to the bad news and the arrogance and ignorance of (most) politicians. If you - or someone in your constituency office - read my last report you will know my views on the situation in the Ukraine.

But again this morning as I watched the CBC news and its use of highly biased language to describe the developing situation with armed neonazi thugs attacking demonstrators calling for their own democratic freedoms (there - isn’t it interesting how the colour of words can label the identical actions with opposite meanings) I seriously thought that the demise of the CBC might not be a bad thing after all. But I would not want, as the cliche goes, to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Canada is nothing but a sock puppet for US interests, as is NATO and the EU. The real battle for the Ukrainians is trying to determine their own path without interference from either side. Yet the reality remains that they are territorial pawns in the greater game of US Cold War efforts (that never ended in truth) to contain, isolate, and then deconstruct the Russian state.

Russia on the other side, as you should know, has suffered two major military attacks in the past century, the second one being the precursor to today’s events. In that second war, Russia effectively destroyed the Nazi German war machine and long before D-Day had the Germans on the losing end as they retreated back home. Churchill may have been lionized for winning the war (and quoted frequently thereafter by those ignorant of his racial/ethnic biases), but the Russians sacrificed much more.

Why should they now want NATO creeping up to their borders in spite of the promises of Clinton? For the US, neither promises nor treaties (e.g. the ABM treaty), nor Charters of Rights nor international law, the Nuremberg trials nor the Geneva Conventions have any real meaning as they are the self-confessed “essential indispensable nation.”

Canada has the Pentagon’s hand up its butt and does the talking for a nation that supposedly beforehand was considered a peacekeeper, at least in image if not reality. Fogh Rasmussen, the Danish head of NATO speaks not for an independent democratic Europe, but is the head puppet of US control in the EU.

As for Putin being a megalomaniac with power control issues, well, our own Dear Leader has the same problems - except that for Russia, Putin is the right man in the right place at the right time for Russian interests to be safeguarded against US attempts to destroy it. Harper has the same megalomaniac attitudes, but fortunately leads a minor country with a weak military and no pressing international problems, other than the economy and its ties to the US dollar.

Which, as I have stated previously, is the real reason for the current fight in the Ukraine. It is not about democracy, nor about freedom, it is about US hegemony and control of the oil and gas resources of the world in order to maintain the viability of the US fiat petrodollar for a few more years while the US oligarchs and their political cronies steal the wealth of the world as much as they can.

The threat to the dollar is real, and that threat is carried over into Canada, as our economy is tied to the US’ economy, with about seventy per cent of our trade going to the US. If the dollar loses its reserve position, it will quickly become useless and the US economy, built as it is on trillions of unsupported QE dollars, will face severe inflation.

The situation in the Ukraine then comes down to Canadian support for the US dollar - which in truth is understandable for the powers that be and the corporate cronies and partners of those powers. In our one sided ignorance of the changing balance of fiscal power in the world, we are doing ourselves no good.

I found an interesting statistic recently that Canada has almost no gold reserves. If the situation in the Ukraine continues with the idiotic attempt at financial sanctions, the western financial base will be destroyed as China and Russia and the rest of Asia are now buying huge amounts of gold with which to float either their own currency or a basket of BRIC currencies as the new global reserve currency. The Canadian dollar will have no place in that basket as it has nothing with which to back it up.

Is gold an arcane relic of the past? Not according the four billion or so people of Eurasia who are buying and storing gold as the west suppresses its price in order to support the dollar. It may have no high intrinsic value, but if those four billion value it, it is given a high degree of value extrinsically.

IPCC - now or never

All this is overshadowed by the recent IPCC report on climate change and the warnings reiterated about having to change now in order to stop climate disasters later. Handy for a writing thesis as that all ties back into the global struggle for oil and gas resources and the arrogant ignorance of our government in relation to its own attempts to create a Canadian petrodollar.

With an economy more and more being based on tar sands extraction we are creating a democracy that is becoming more and more oligarchic and less and less ‘’power of the people”. The citizens of Kitimat made the correct choice in saying no to the tar sands pipeline.

We are destroying our environment for the altar of the US dollar and the glory of money. We are destroying the Ukraine for the same reasons. Ironically, we will destroy ourselves for the very same reasons.

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