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Governor General lacks common sense

Miles Report No. 20.

To all that it concerns,

I watched the Governor-Generals interview with Evan Solomon on CBC today (Wednesday, December 19, 2012). My overall impression at the end was that if this is the way the office is run, we could readily do away with it.

There are two aspects that are of prime concern from my perspective. The first being relationships with the First Nations, the second dealing with the GG's perceived role as a trade ambassador.

First Nations

The phrase that always gets thrown out by government agencies when faced with an issue that they are not dealing with well and do not want the public in general to think that they are going to change their game plan is, "These are complex issues." In short rebuttal, they are not complex. Certainly they involve a lot of people at different levels, but they are not complex.

That word is used to create an aura that whatever the issues are, they are not to be readily understood by the masses, the people without the insiders knowledge of how government really operates. That is not complex, it is controlling, manipulative, and secretive.

The basic underlying motive of the current government is to remove the First Nations from their land, to open those lands up to corporate speculators, and deprive the First Nations people of any of the treaty rights that they have previously negotiated with the government - being the Crown in England for the major portion of these treaties by number and geographic space. This is being done through cleverly worded acts of parliament whose titles sound wonderful, but are designed to remove power and finances from the various bands across the nation, making them incapable of financially surviving the governments agenda of cultural genocide and mass assimilation. Last night I listened to Pamela Palmater present her discussion of these various acts of parliament and this only confirms this view.

The Governor-General answered evasively on the Solomon interview. He started as above, by using the "complex issues" phrase to indicate to dummies like myself that I really do not understand what is happening. Without attempting to educate us - or Evan Solomon about these complexities - he then said that he would not meet with Chief Spence of Attawapiskat as that was up to the political leaders to deal with. Quite a simplistic denial, evasion.

Considering that the GG has visited 21 other countries by his own account, why cannot he find the time to arrange a meeting with Chief Spence and Stephen Harper? He is, after all, the Queen's representative in Canada and thus by definition, the responsibility for communicating with First Nations becomes part of his position. He suggests that what Spence is leading towards is a meeting of all political leaders who are in some way responsible for First Nations' concerns, along with the leaders of the various bands across the country. How hard would it be to cross the river, with the PM (or without), and address what procedure would follow? Has he ever visited Attawapiskat? Unfortunately, the GG indicates that what follows might be similar to the previous meeting held in the spring of 2012 - I hope not as that was the white man's forked tongue making vague rhetorical statements to placate the First Nations leaders. Unfortunately, it seems to have worked, at least in the short term.

Neocon agenda

The second main topic of concern was the GG's role as an economic emissary to the various countries he has visited. As questioned by Evan Solomon, do we not already have various government departments that are responsible for trade and commerce involving foreign affairs? The response was another dodge, with the GG saying he was effectively "an instrument of policy" for the government. So what we end up with is an overpaid already wealthy GG, promoting the governments neocon agenda to other countries to better Canada's interests - economic interests mainly.

I would have to question whether the GG should be acting as a government shill, promoting their economic policies globally - which in large part ignore the environment and human rights issues associated with many Canadian corporate activities in developing nations.

As the Queen's representative in Canada, the GG is certainly advocating one particular ideological model of what Canada is, a model created by the U.S. adapted neocon agenda wherein corporations have all the rights and people who get in the way of that agenda can be legislated away. His foreign policy initiatives parallel his First Nations initiatives as his manner of argument essentially says, "It's not my position to do anything, it is up to the politicians. I am simply their tool."


In general, I was under-whelmed by the Governor-General, and if he is an indicator of the calibre of the people, and/or the nature of the office, then it is time we finally cut the umbilical cord with England and delete the office.

My message to the GG and Stephen Harper. Go talk to Chief Spence. If not, do not be surprised if Canada experiences an increase in protests across the nation as the next generation becomes more militant and awakens to the false rhetoric of Canadian politicians.

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