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Miles Report No. 47 - 2014 08 30

Miles Report No. 47 - Gaza, ISIS, and Ukraine

...and what did you do over your summer holidays? Hopefully enjoyed some downtime but also hopefully did some foreign affairs research into the big three actions of the summer.

The following is a bit lengthier than usual, but can serve as a precis for those not able to do their own research into what is really underlying global events today.

Admittedly not many people are interested in foreign affairs per se and most are content with mainstream media news, as long as it is not too much and not too gory. However, everyone should be interested as it all plays into the global economy and the fight for control of resources and US$ hegemony, all of which has an impact here in Canada.

These three events are fully inter-related as indicated at the scale of the global economy and who gets to control it. Yes, there are sub-issues, especially the ones the media likes to bring forward along with their political counterparts in order to manipulate the masses into supporting the governments overall intentions.

As I see our government’s intentions, it is simply to support U.S. foreign policy and the status quo of US$ hegemony that keeps the world under U.S. control - well, sort of. Because one of the things the US does best is create chaos wherever it goes, preferring to use military might over any other manner of establishing one’s position in the world. Canada pretends to be independent and Harper in particular puts on a brave - if wooden - face proclaiming Canada’s full on acceptance of western hegemony and the control of the world by force of arms.

In all three cases of Gaza, ISIS, and Ukraine, Canada has positioned itself as an ill-informed, biased, and uncritical receptionist of the propaganda, rhetoric, lies and manipulations presented by the U.S. In most cases Canada even tries to outdo the U.S. by frontrunning the issue, speaking more aggressively, the little yappy terrier swaggering in front of the U.S. death-hounds.

What I find even more amazing is that the leaders of all the political parties, no matter how humanitarian they consider themselves, back the forces that are generally the instigators and oppressors of other people.


I have criticized Canada’s support for Israel many times before, as the over-whelming military power of Israel is used to pummel the tiny open air prison of Gaza way beyond what can be considered appropriate. The actual appropriate response would be to realize that the Palestinians are the victims of more than a century of ethnic cleansing rationalized by nationalist/patriotic/religious beliefs and mythologies.

It would also be appropriate to realize that the two state solution is pretty much dead. After thirty years of “negotiations” within the various “peace plans” all that has been accomplished is the establishment of many, many colonial settler settlements in the West Bank and the complete disruption of Palestinian life. There is no room left for a contiguous Palestinian state; there is effectively a de facto apartheid state. The current fighting in Gaza simply represents how far Israel has come into being a militarised fascist state, wherein fascism is defined as being rule through a political-corporate-religious aggregate that accepts only one foundational mythology.

But consider perhaps that it is not a mythology, that God actually did indicate he was giving that particular land to the Israelis, that they were to be a shining example to the rest of the world of how a humanitarian culture should live. Given their historical record, is it then not possible that God could very well take that land back as the Israeli people and armed forces continue to destroy the Palestinian people and their way of life. Is that how this light will shine out over the world, as an example of how to subjugate other human beings, to treat them in a prejudiced racist fashion? Is the Israeli military, intent on killing as many Palestinians as possible, the real illuminator of a compassionate and understanding people? What kind of God is it, other than an anthropomorphized one, that allows one set of humans to destroy another set of humans because the former thinks they have been given ownership of some land?


This is a tricky one, as the foundation of ISIS derives from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, two paragons of democracy in the Middle East (that’s sarcasm for those of you who don’t get it). It is also derived from the U.S.who support the forwarding of sophisticated military weapons into Syria in order to get rid of Assad. Essentially the U.S. is using its own weapons to defeat its own weapons supplied to the ‘rebels’ fighting in Syria.

This all suits both Israel and the U.S. It helps Israel by distracting much of the rest of the world from what it is doing internally (oops...not quite so when one slaughters thousands of Palestinians in front of modern media). It also helps by keeping the Arab regions in turmoil, mostly worried about their own survival from their own rebellious populations.

It serves the U.S. equally well for the same reason, keeping the area divided and unsettled, unable to formulate a unitary front against U.S. hegemony either financially or militarily. Note that the U.S. did not intervene until the oily sections of Kurdish and Iraqi control were threatened; and that the intervention came in the form of aerial support, allowing the U.S. to intervene supposedly without “boots on the ground” (a hard line to believe in the world of black ops covert actions around the world.)

Once again it is all about oil and the hegemony of the US$ fiat currency. Ironically the third action site of the summer is only helping to destroy that.


If any of you have been reading alternate websites (The Vineyard of the Saker is one of the better ones for news on the Ukraine) you would know that the independence forces of the Republic of Lugnask and the Republic of Dontetsk are making large advances against the western Ukrainian mercenary army and regular army forces and control all the border regions with Russia and most of the two provinces.

Note again that now it is Poroshenko who is calling for a negotiated settlement, now that his troops are losing so badly, whereas before he was calling for the murder of all the rebellious people of eastern Ukraine and their ethnic cleansing (No, not making this up, do a little of your own research and you will be able to find quotes concerning this). Is Russia involved? Of course they are, but if they were truly going to “invade” the Ukraine, they would not do it bit by bit, but would go in with overwhelming force and have it finished in a day or two.

Is the U.S. involved? Of course it is, as the major protagonist not so behind the scenes. You have probably heard of Victoria “F**k the EU” Nuland on video by now, and that is what the U.S. is certainly doing to the EU (and the Ukrainians).

It makes me wonder how the EU governments can be so lame, so timid, so sycophantic towards the U.S. especially when one of the main effects of sanctions will be to help deconstruct the EU economy, already faltering on the edges of another large recession. The other main effect is to make the non-western side of the world reconsider their usage of the US$ as the global fiat currency. Once enough momentum, and enough reserves of another kind are built up (be it the rouble, yuan, HK$, gold or some mix of currencies) then the US$, because of its massive trillions of dollars of printing, will roar into inflation and become mostly worthless.

One has to wonder if this is not the intention anyway, as inflation is a good way to eliminate debt, either by inflating it away, or getting rid of the dollar and bringing in a new currency, and simply letting all previous debts die where they stand.

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