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Skookumchuk Provincial Park
More sea critters and land flora
Photos of boats and landscape
Secret Cove 2001
Secret Cove Drawings

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Canadian emblem

Entering Horseshoe Bay

Summer breeze

Brook in cabin

Brook relaxing in cabin

Brook walking Smuggler's foreshore

Intrepid sailors - Ben and Grant

Ali going swimming

Trout Lake

Seal rock, Smuggler's Cove


Prawns from 100m down.

Banana slug

Slugs on doggie left-overs


Heron roosting

Deer browsing

Lizard basking on Smuggler's foreshore

All boats moored

Dad - Fraser "Sparky" Miles - Rumrunner

Dinner bell

Bay inside reef

Snorkeller at Mercer's

More docks of the bay

Oyster feeding in tide pool

Variety of molluscs

Anemones at '0' tide line

Sea Urchins on '0 tide reef

Chiton and worm tubes

Soft shelled clam


Hermit crab

Pacific Lobster from 100m down

Saprophyte - fringed pinesap

Mushroom on moss


Indian pipe

More fungus

Coral root orchid

Oregon Grape Flowers

Oregon Grape berries

Oregon Grape leaf patterns

Hemlock needles, underside paler

Broad Maple leaves

Cedar 'needles'- overlapping scales

Skookumchuk Provincial Park provides a wonderful place to see the power behind tide currents of the ocean, backdropped by more and more typical B.C. scenery - clear cut logging. The trail in is an easy grade and should promote some contemplation of the old-growth stumps with their spring board cut eyes staring out at the passing crowd.

Skookumchuk trail filtered light

Old growth stumps, juvenile second growth

Brook on trail

Brook and Glenna; ferns in second growth

Boat near Skookumchuk whirpools

View over Skookumchuk Narrows - gravel pit off-screen right

And back to Secret Cove, with more looks at the landscape

Bristol Bay Cutter enjoying the sunset

Frequent rower points? He'd have a ton.

Fast, efficient and good views

Sunrise on some fishermen.

Government Wharf

Government wharf

Modern cabins

Cabin before new paint

Derelict flattie on rotten dock


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