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Seals basking on Smuggler's foreshore

Seal basking on Smuggler's foreshore

Seals basking on Smuggler's foreshore

Graceful arbutus, shedding bark

Lizard basking under cabin

Brian basking on Secret Cove dock

Heron fishing on Long Arm mudflats

Preparing to cruise

Trail to Smuggler's foreshore

Perch trying to steal crab's meal

Red Crab snoozing under rock

Red Crab on mudflats

Moon Snail approx. 20cm, ooches across mud

Sunset and waves in cove

Heading home, Malaspina Strait

Fair weather, Howe Sound

Sunrise into the cove

Gumweed immersed at high tide

Glenna on Smuggler's foreshore

Smuggler's foreshore with N. Thormanby in background

Wave curl, Smuggler's foreshore

Smuggler's foreshore

'Alice' and 'Summer Breeze' spring ready

Orchid - Coral Root

Orchid - Fairy Slipper

Back of cabin, open for repairs

Worst of rot at back of cabin

First skylights with new roof

Trimming back of cabin

Last row, new roof

New colours

Turn of Century Cottages

'Chipmunk II'

Summer Cottages - 1970's

Skunk Cabbage

White Fawn Lily

Red Alder - first spring leaves

Black Cap Chickadee

Male Merganser

Spring sun, healthy ditch

Red Currant in spring bloom

Kayaks leaving Smuggler's Cove

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