Welcome to High Country in the Summer

Never gets tiring
Manning Park bike and hike, August, 2014.

Glacier and Manning 2012

Windy Joe, Lakes trail, Mt. Snowcamp, 2011
Last chance at summer.

Glacier, Yoho, and Lake Louise, 2011
Once again with a new perspective
(and smaller glaciers).

Manning Park,

Next Generation

More Generations

Lightning Lake area 2009

Frosty, Skyline I, and the lakes. 2007

Mt. Robson Provincial Park

Berg Lake Trail to Marmot, 2007

Manning Park

Skyline II, back-country, 2007

Glacier and Yoho

Avalanche Crest and Iceline, 2006
Hermit, Abbott, Asulkan and

Paget, Iceline, and Saddleback

Manning Park

Skyline II (Snowcamp) and Mt. Frosty, 2006
Balu Pass, Paget Lookout, Fairview Mountain
Emerald and Moraine Lakes, and Trains

Glacier Park

Glacier Crest, Abbott Ridge, Asulkan Valley 2005

Garabaldi Park

Panorama Ridge and Mt. Price (again) 2005
Lake Louise Series
Twin Falls backcountry

and Burgess Shale hike, 2004.